Preston Clark- TACOMA SPOT CHECK, filmed by Nolan Wilson @nolanwilson_cine September 26 2014

NEW CHAPTER September 19 2014

This MUG!


Its been a fun ride and even though we won’t be able to kick it on the reg doesn’t mean things have to completely change. I know the brighter days will continue for you my friend. You’re that dude we don’t have to worry about. Movement Family for life. Thank you for breaking it down to the basics: DON’T QUIT. Always an inspiration. Thank you for all the laughs and all the trash talking. The youngest grumpy old man I’ve ever known. The DITC spirits will live on with US sun sun. The one I could geek out on beats with, the one I couldn’t drink a beer with. I wish you and Destiny the best in this new dawn and new chapter in your life. You are my brother and I love you.  


New Dawn, New Day, New LIFE.


Keep on moving. I’ll do the same.



MOVEMENT FAMILY August 27 2014

Photo: Zack Bishop

Movement Family- hyped to celebrate our 2nd birthday! Extra special shout out to Tony at 35th North for all your support. Seattle's realest skateshop, holding down the block since 2001.


35th North Skate Shop 1100 E pike St. Seattle, WA 98122





METROS DECK! August 22 2014


The Metros decks are here and ready to win!

BIG UPS! August 22 2014

Big ups to Mark Richards for letting us barge into the Pierce County P&R ice rink and take some product shots! Ricky will be on the ice ASAP!


 After a long day nothing melts away your troubles like a Northwest summer sunset.